YOUTech Titanium Cipher

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  • Network Based
  • Multi Layer Encryption
  • For Large Corporation/Govt/GLC
  • Data Lost Protection
  • Eligible for up to Level 3 Support


As a product, YOUTech Titanium CIPHER encryption is suitable for enterprise roll out to protect data mainly at OFFSITE locations such as branches, laptops/notebooks, external storage devices and cloud data’s. Therefore, YOUTech CIPHER encryption can be strategically bundled with Hard Disk Drives or external storage devices for the optimum data protection.
The YOUTech CIPHER encryption has been certified with International Standard ISO/IEC 15408 by CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) and is being endorsed as one of the companies participating in the National CyberSecurity initiatives under “PEMANDU”.
YOUTech CIPHER is an Encryption Technology Platform, the key difference in YOUTech CIPHER encryption is that encryption key (Currently, the highest of AES encryption technology for Data/File encryption) and the Multi-Layer Encryption (Currently, the only one solution in the market) with Multi-Secret Key Infrastructure (SKI).