What is YOUTech Cipher (Encryption)?

YOUTech Cipher (Encryption) is a data at endpoint security solution positioned as the best “Last Line of Defence” for all types’ of data security. This platform is able to adapt into any into any types of industry and environment. The technology platform is currently using AES encryption algorithm (the highest AES encryption technology) with Multi-Secret Key Infrastructure (SKI).

What it is called by Last Line of Defence?

Because YOUTech Cipher (Encryption) is end-to-end security encryption.

What is the purpose of Multi-Layer Encryption?

The purpose of Multi-Layer Encryption (MLE) is to have only one cipher text, but users with different keys (e.g., in different groups) will obtain different levels of data after they decrypt with their own key. This property is especially useful in surveillance applications, which requires an efficient mechanism for multi-level data access.

Why do we need YOUTech Cipher (Encryption)?

Because it is the highest of AES encryption technology for Data/File encryption.

What are the advantages of YOUTech Cipher Key?

YOUTech Cipher offers Multi-Layered encryption technology that is currently the leading encryption security in comparison with other brand names.

The key difference in YOUTech Cipher encryption is that its encryption key length (Currently, the highest of AES encryption technology) and the Multi-Layer Encryption (Currently, the only one solution in the market) tagged with Multi-Secret Key Infrastructure (SKI).

Acts as Technology Solution Provider to any organization that require to restore their Data Privacy and Data Protection.

What is the function of SKI?

To strengthen the “Last Line of Defense” over the secured data/information.

How to install YOUTech Cipher (Encryption)?

You can refer the link below:

How to Install YOUTech Cipher Encryption?

How YOUTech Cipher key works?

Once installed, YOUTech CIPHER able to encrypt/decrypt any types of data anywhere, either across their corporate Local Area Network (LAN) or across their corporate/public Wide Area Network (WAN) or even data’s on the cloud. Data can be encrypted from one single machine/computer, regardless where the data’s located. Once encrypted, the data’s will be protected/secured within Encryption Security Parameter from any threats (Internal/External Threats).

For better understanding, you refer the link below:

How YOUTech Cipher Works?

How to purchase YOUTech Cipher Key (Encryption)?

You can directly purchase through our website You can also contact our team at +604-2974507 or email us at

What type(s) of payment method do you accept?

Direct Transfer and Paypal.

What happened when YOUTech Cipher (Encryption) Key is missing/lost?

You need to contact our team at +604-2974507 or email us at You also need to do police report at your nearest station. If your key is in warranty period which is 1 year from purchase date, you will get a new key as replacement.

Can the key use in multiple devices?


What is the minimum system requirement(s)?

Windows 10

Minimum RAM 2 GB

What type(s) of Operating Software (OS) can be installed?

Windows Platform Only

Do YOUTech 512 Cipher (Encryption) offers variety types of package(s)?


What do we get when we purchase YOUTech Cipher (Encryption)?

You will get a box of:

  • 1x YOUTech Cipher Key
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x One Year Warranty