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Cyber Security Company with the mission to restore Data Privacy and Protection using Encryption Technology.

Data leaks and so on have been a major concern for consumers, businesses, as well as governments. YOUTech aims to provide the solution to these concerns. We would like to be your data’s ‘Last Line of Defence’.

YOUTech provides solutions to improve data security and confidentiality using encryption technology. Our cutting-edge innovation uses the customize Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm with a multi-secret key infrastructure (SKI) for end-to-end, multi-layered security solution.

Vision: Global trusted organization in securing and restoring data privacy.

Mission: Restore Data Privacy and Protection using Encryption Technology

Cipher Key
Starting from
Layered Encryption

YOUTech Cipher Key

Are end-to-end security solution and always best known as “Last Line Of Defense” for all types of data

YOUTech Gold Cipher

YOUTech Basic Package
  • Standalone Based
  • Single Layer Encryption
  • 160-bit for Education/Student
  • 256-bit for Home/SOHO User
  • Eligible for Level 1 Support

YOUTech Platinum Cipher

YOUTech Professional Package
  • Network Based
  • Single Layer Encryption
  • For SME (Maximum 50 Users)
  • Data Lost Protection
  • Eligible for up to Level 3 Support

YOUTech Titanium Cipher

YOUTech Ultimate Package
  • Network Based
  • Multi Layer Encryption
  • For Large Corporation/Govt/GLC
  • Data Lost Protection
  • Eligible for up to Level 3 Support

Research and Development Lab

Research and Development Laboratory Services for Advanced Encryption applications and IoT, where our engineers design, develop, and prototype our innovations. Our R&D department is ground zero for where we push the limits to design the technology of tomorrow.

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